Clinical Practice:

Dr. Byars’ full time private practice is located in a scenic neighborhood in north Mount Pleasant, SC . Dr. Byars is a participating provider with all forms of Blue Cross, Tricare Value Options and Cigna and she will be happy to submit patient claims for office visits.

Dr. Byars runs a general practice with clinical services available for older adolescents and adults. She maintains a specialized interest in working with women coping with a wide range of issues from daily mood management, work/life balance and self-image to relationship difficulties, emotional abuse and infertility.

Dr. Byars adheres to a systems perspective when working with clients and recognizes that no individual exists inside a vacuum- effective treatment must incorporate the larger context of a person’s life including family, career, and community.

Dr. Byars always conducts an initial interview to formulate a provisional diagnosis and treatment plan. The initial interview typically requires two office visits. When parent coaching is requested, Dr. Byars will typically conduct a series of parent education sessions without the child present, where behavior management techniques are introduced and practiced. Telephone coaching sessions are also an option for individuals who are unable to travel to the Mount Pleasant office.

Dr. Byars maintains a strong belief in the importance of collaboration in case management between treating professionals. She routinely consults with psychiatrists/primary care physicians/pediatricians/etc. to provide patients with optimal care and highly effective treatment planning.

In cases where Dr. Byars is out of network with a particular insurance carrier, she will gladly provide receipts upon request to reflect out of pocket payments for services rendered. Patients are encouraged to submit receipts to their insurance carrier in a timely manner to ensure reimbursement.

Dr. Byars is happy to assist patients with referrals to additional mental health providers should the need arise.